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Leaders are Readers

Leaders are readers. If you study highly successful leaders in their field, who have sustained excellence over long periods of time – a common denominator in all of their success is that they are readers. From U.S. Presidents to business icons to world-changing innovators and creatives…they are all readers. 

I wasn’t a very good reader when I was growing up. I would occasionally read books, but I wasn’t an avid reader at all.

A little over 20 years ago, I heard Pat Williams, an author, speaker, and a Senior Vice-President for the NBA Orlando Magic challenge us to read from a book one hour a day. He said if we did that, we’d read about a book a week, and 52 in a year!

Being a competitive person, I decided to accept his challenge, and to say that it changed my life, personally and professionally, would be an understatement. It has become a much-loved habit!

I have an intense growth mindset, and in all my career stops, I’ve had an intense desire to grow, develop, and learn, both personally and professionally, to become the absolute best that I could be. Reading has played a very key pivotal role in that growth and development.

Reading has become so important to me, that as a college basketball coach, my wife and I underwrote a community-wide program in elementary schools that encouraged students to develop a love for reading, and then rewarding those students that read a certain level of books with free admission to our basketball games, t-shirts, etc.

Even today, as a professional speaker, business leader, and author, I continue to read daily, as well as regularly recommending books for others to read, personally and through my social media accounts.

Many times, people have a desire to know what I am reading, and with the growth of this website, they have requested that I provide a listing of the books that I’ve read. Thus, I have created this page on my website called Roy’s Library.

As we move through 2019, I’ll be adding to the list, and will try to give a brief synopsis of what the book is about. For years past, listed below, I’m simply going to list the book’s title and author. My reading topics are broad, but I’m able to apply everything I read to all aspects of my life.

I hope this is beneficial for you. Read up! Enjoy! Grow, learn, and develop  yourself so that you can Grow Greatness in yourself! Remember Leaders are Readers.

Roy Heintz